First ASEAN-India Artist's Camp gets underway at Udaipur

An ASEAN-India Artist's Camp has got under way at Udaipur to mark the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-India Dialogue.
The event, which is being organised by the External Affairs Ministry in collaboration with NGO Seher, will run September 21-29 at The Ananta in Udaipur. It was launched in the national capital on Wednesday in the presence of Secretary (East) Preeti Saran.

Work by Mahaveer Swami

A collection of 20 paintings, created extempore, will also be displayed in a special exhibition, which will be inaugurated at the ASEAN-India Summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modu in January 2018 in New Delhi.

By IANS  |   Published: 22nd September 2017 08:22 PM
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