Art With a Heart for Nepal

MG ROAD: Artmantram is organising an exhibition, Anahata -II, curated by Shan Re, an artist.
The show is raising funds for the rehabilitation of people in Nepal who have been struggling for survival , surrounded by death and destruction, fear and uncertainty.
This group show features over 25 artists and around 70 artworks and the artists include Yusuf Arakkal, Rekha Rao, C.F.John, Santosh, Shan herself, Sudhir Mehar, Romicon Revola, Kishore Roy and Rajesh Baderia among others.
Shan Re says,”Since the last show was a mega success, we are trying to raise some more funds to help homeless people to get shelter and infuse hope and a feeling of security into their shattered lives.”
Shan Re’s work Dream Unfolding is a reminder of how positive energy adds joy to human experience.
She adds, “My creative process is involuntary like breathing and my artistic language comes from intimate life experiences,spilling over into my dialogue with the canvas and the viewer.” Santhosh’s  Love Birds depicts the glory of the natural world. His works usually represent concerns about urbanisation conveyed through animals.
Romicon Revola’s coloured steel sculpture is titled  Star Gazing. She says, “A starlit sky has always had a special appeal for me. The random and ever-changing placement of the stars allows you to map out your own constellations and infuse them with your own stories. This is what I have attempted in my sculptures. Superimposing personal trajectories on to the cosmic compositions or vice versa throws up interesting questions about fate versus free will which remain largely unanswered in my mind.”
Sudhir Meher’s work is called Celebration of life and features a young boy holding a bunch of balloons. The composition is vibrant and captures the innocence of the boy and the multi-hued balloons perhaps represent the hopes and aspirations of a young mind.
This is a show with a difference, it’s non-thematic, giving artists creative freedom to express themselves. People with different tastes and budgets will find something they would like to take home and anybody buying art from this show would be bringing a ray of hope to the people in Nepal.
Anahata -II is on from June 27  to July 10 from 11 am to 6 pm at The HAVELI, 39, MG Road.
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