Two Warhols and Three Lichtensteins Stolen from The Arbergs Museum in Sweden


Andy Warhol, Mickey Mouse. One of the works stolen from the Abergs Museum. Image provided by the Abergs Museum.

BALSTA, SWEDEN.- Two Warhols and three Lichtensteins were stolen from the Abergs Museum. Carina Aberg, an official at the Abergs Museum, stated to ArtDaily, “Early this morning, the 18th of July, burglars broke up a door in Abergs Museum, rushed in and quickly grabbed exactly what they wanted and what they must have known where there, a couple of Warhol-pictures and three Lichtensteins. We send along pictures of the stolen artwork. They also stole an old film-poster which were located next to a Warhol, also with the title The New Spirit. We think they made a mistake in the rush. Police have no trace of the burglars and the artwork could have already left the country. We are of course very sorry about this mess.”

Police have been looking for witnesses in the neighborhood, stated Carina. The stolen pieces have a value of around $500,000.

About Lasse Åberg Lasse was born in Hofors on the 5th of May, 1940. That year the family moved to Stockholm, Kungsholmen, where Lasse grew up. He loved to draw and by the age of ten, he had already decided to be an artist. After secondary school, he first worked at Expressen’s Printer Department and later for Seelig’s book warehouse. He did his military service at LV3 (antiaircraft defence) at Norrtälje. After that, he applied for studies at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and started there in 1960 at the institution for Graphic Design and Illustration. He completed his studies in 1964.

During his summer holidays in 1962 and 1963, Lasse worked as a musician at jazz ballet performances. There he met Ardy Strüver, a Dutch artist. They started to make television programmes and were active during the 70’s. At the same time, Lasse was illustrating children’s books (with Lill Lindfors for example) and did illustrations for publishing houses and advertising companies.

Between 1976 – 1977 Lasse and Klasse Möllberg produced the “Trazan Apansson” series. By mistake, the videotapes were demagnetised. From 1980 to 1981, they made a new Christmas edition of “Trazan Apansson”, which was replayed on mornings during the summer holidays. Lasse made the film “The call up” in 1978.

At the beginning of the 1970’s, Lasse started collecting Disney artefacts because it was fun and sufficiently silly. He became very fond of pop art when it appeared in the beginning of the 1960’s and Lasse decided that if he would have an artistic activity in the future, it would be in the direction of pop art. He has held exhibitions at different galleries and museums since the 1970’s. To date, Lasse has created 276 lithographs.

In 1980, Lasse produced the film “The package tour”, which has been seen by 2.4 million people. He has made six feature films: ”The call up”, “The package tour”, “Snowroller”, “SOS”, “The involuntary Golfer” and “The health Trip”.

Lasse enjoys music and plays the guitar, the guitar-banjo and the conga drums. He has played with the orchestras: “Electric Banana Band”, “Stig-Helmers Experience” and “Jazzakuten”.

Lasse has produced many works for television, for example “Trazan Apansson”, “How do you behave, man?”, “Zwampen” and “Disneytajm”. “Trazan Apansson” was re-broadcast in the summer of 2007.

In 2002 the Åberg family opened the “Åberg’s Museum” where you can find Lasse’s Disney collection, which is one of the best in the world. There are also originals by cartoonists and art associated with cartoons.
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