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The art show of works by Indian masters of modern art in the city is not to be missed
Describing the wave of abstract art in the US way back in the sixties, American cartoonist Al Capp quipped with this pronouncement: ‘A product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered’. Similar dismissal is given to modern art in general till date in the Indian sub-continent with everyday viewers staring hard at a painting and then asking ‘Par yeh banaya kya hai?’ (What is it all about?) or ‘Changaji, ehnu kehande ne modern art!’ (So this is called modern art!)
This brings to my mind a story of two Pakistani painters, Iqbal Rashid and Ahmad Zoay. Both are no more but in the 1980s they were cult figures and in 1986 they decided to cross the Indo-Pak border at Ferozepur sans passports or visas as they were convinced that as artists of the sub-continent they had the artistic right to see Khajurao or Agra. They told this story to the Colonel and he realized that they were har…

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